Born out of a passion for mathematics. Aimed at the adult enthusiast.

MathCamp4Adults will expand your knowledge of and appreciation for math.

If you enjoy working with some of the classics of mathematics, think that ‘recreational mathematics’ is not an oxymoron, and want to ‘do math’ in a supportive environment with other math fans—then this is the summer vacation for you!

After all, why should the kids have all the fun?

And speaking of fun, that’s what we had last summer at the first camp.  Nine math enthusiasts flew into town for the four day event.  For a taste of what it was like, this article from the Albuquerque Journal delivers!

A powerful, inspiring review of the first MathCamp4Adults:

“As a secondary mathematics instructor, I want my students to participate in specific disciplinary practice and to understand how practices relate to broader realms of the mathematical community of ideas. With so much of mathematics instruction focused on tools for manipulating equations, students grow eager to engage with mathematics on a verbal and more conceptual level. At Math Camp, I encountered both some of the big concepts that have shaped mathematical exploration for centuries and even millennia. Math Camp offered a terrific survey of fundamental problems and solutions, and through Kaylee’s measured yet efficient stewardship, my fellow campers and I navigated an extremely broad range of ideas in a way that was both accessible and challenging.

Like many math teachers, I believe that thinking mathematically is a natural human process, and that most minds are drawn to mathematical questions. From early experiences drawing arrows on the ends of number lines, big questions about continuity, infinity, and even cardinality follow students as they progress from year to year. One of the most satisfying aspects of Math Camp for me was the clear road map from these deeper questions back to familiar tools of secondary mathematics, and the unexpected relationships that the deeper questions bring to light. I especially appreciated the care given to the scheduled progression through topics, as it allowed us to build upon ideas and to circle back and tie them in in new ways. One would be hard pressed to find another program that builds a bridge from primes to transcendental numbers in three days, all in the company of fellow math fans with expert support. All through Math Camp runs a current of enthusiasm and curiosity that is always refreshing to those working to broaden the community of ideas that we love.”

Thomas Priestley, Educator

Wide Variety of Topics

We have selected 15+ topics that will challenge and stretch your mathematical thinking skills.  These range from Logic to Probability to Algebra to Geometry to Beginning Calculus. 

See details on some of these topics, here.

Evaluation Comments From Previous Attendees

“Kaylee (the instructor/facilitator) was great — very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  I really enjoyed the camp and look forward to the next camp.”

“Kaylee was excellent in every way.  He managed to keep it fun and showed great fluency with a huge range of topics.  This was a great experience.  I loved being able to “play” in this environment.”

“I appreciated Kaylee’s excitement and passion for the topics.  The group dinner was fun!”

“Excellent!  I would attend another camp.  Topics can be repeated, no problem.  The philosophical implications are the most interesting to me.”

“Awesome topics!  Great review after being away from math for too long.  Kaylee was great with leading discussions, presenting material, explaining, and encouraging exploration.  With the success of this first session, the next should bring more interest and participants.”

Average score from all participants for “Overall value of the camp”:  4.85 out of 5.

The math camp you’ve been waiting for, even if you didn’t know it!

Join us July 31–August 3, 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Tuition:  $295 USD

Register here.

Adjunct Faculty for the camp:

Dr. William Dunham will be presenting and assisting alongside the MathCamp4Adults team. 

Bill is a professor at Muhlenberg College and the author of numerous books on mathematics, including our favorite:

We are honored to welcome Bill Dunham to MathCamp4Adults!

For a more detailed bio of Bill and the rest of our staff, click here.

To ask a question or submit content ideas:

“The algebraic numbers are spotted over the plane like stars against a black sky; the dense blackness is the firmament of the transcendentals.” — Eric Temple Bell


All after-tax profits from tuition are donated to scholarship programs for math students and to programs that provide training for math teachers.

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